Friday, November 14, 2008

"Things have never been so swell / And I have never felt so well"

I posted about the margin call in the comment section of the post below. It was my fault for being too agressive and impatient. It was a painful fall, but I'm getting back up. I'll post more later.


MatchPointTrader said...

CP Sorry for late reply. I am also screwed up as I took some heavy losses on some of my positions to meet margin calls. It sucks but lesson learned - don't try to eat more than your mouth can handle. The good thing is I can still earn that money as I am still young! At least thats what I have been telling myself to keep me away from negative thoughts.
Anyways -
****Always call the broker instead of emails.****.
Most brokers will have 24 hour line. I am really surprised that they liquidated all of your position. Oh well. Lets see how SOL fares tomorrow. Good luck with your trades. BTW, yeah WSJ is awesome.

Complacent Panda said...

Yes, lesson learned. No matter how much I want to shrug it off (i.e. remain in denial), I am trying to grasp the failure and use it to my future benefit. Damn emotions!

We are both young. I also figure I can always put in more time learning new methods and perfecting old ones. Mastering my emotions and my desire to take on way more risk than I should.

Love the WSJ, and have a very nice link to help people with the WSJ that I will post later.

Take care. Hope SOL doesn't continue on its path =(