Saturday, August 30, 2008

I can't do that, Dave

Exe file for the SMA generator. Python source code.

Started doing a little programming. Feel free to download the exe (it's in a zip file because boxstr doesn't upload .exe files) to install or the python file to look at the code (well commented, I assure you). The program is rather simple (oh, the puns). It will ask you to select a txt data file in the format: STOCKSYMBOL.txt (look at the included RIMM.txt file to see how it is organized)--I used NinjaTrader to generate the txt data file. Then it will ask you how far back you want to go. Enter the number of days you want to calculate. It will ask if you want to print the daily price and volume information; select yes (y) or no (n). Then watch it work its magic (if you would humor me in calling it magic).

I added to the side links a few days ago. Look there if you want to get an idea of what caused this madness.

Good trading. Do not use this program for anything important (like anyone would) without first checking it against a trustworthy source. Enjoy.

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