Monday, August 25, 2008

Small update

NVDA looks like it is holding up; QCOM looks like it may break down; and, I purchased a book on candlestick charting today. It'll be a good read.

PS: Should have more time at home tomorrow

Good trading.

Note: Phil from Phil's Gang said in his show today that he is currently looking for an entry into: AXP, AIG, DFT, CAT, and BA; I'd give those some attention. The host of the radio show is pretty good.


Anonymous said...


I was reading your site today,,Phils treats,,all i can say is watch those 40/50 dma's the shorts are using a few of those as stm's..You should set in chat room for a while,they will not help you unless its or a. market but you will see how the guys and gals that do this for a living get it done...

time to go boating...


Complacent Panda said...

Cool cool. Thank you for the heads up and the link. I'll go check that out soon. Thanks for stopping by as well.

Good trading (and boating, of course!)

Anonymous said...

Hi again,,

With a large storm moving at the gulf ,,check with your group to see how to play the event,names like GLBL,ARD,UPL, IEO and DIG comes to mind,,however there are many and some are great..


Complacent Panda said...

Dang. True, true. A lot of those are in some really nice setups. Like you said, some homework. But it looks like the stocks could pay off.

PS: Still waiting on my account to transfer to sogo; so no physical trades for a while longer. But thank you for all the information anyway. Ever bit definitely improves my trading.

(Do you have a site?)