Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Determination Pays Off: 211.7 pips

Hope someone else used the daily chart I posted yesterday. Awesome setup, very nice overnight trade =)

Take care and good luck.


Charlie G. said...

Congrats, a couple nice plays on your part lately!

Hey, where do you have time for school, work (tutoring, etc.), blogging, twittering, re-reading Atlas Shrugged, let alone TRADE?

Is the Panda on meth? Ha, ha. The joys of being young and having a high IQ.

Complacent Panda said...

Hahaha. I'm off for winter break at the moment (I start up some classes on Tuesday after MLKjr Day) and I didn't reread Atlas Shrugged =) I was just a little upset with WSJ article. Oh, and tutoring goes along with school sessions, so I don't have any work in that area at the moment.

But I am young (22) and I suppose smart =P (graduated 7/400 in high school and recently accepted as a transfer to UC Berkeley).

As for the meth thing, hmmmm, I don't do illegal drugs. Hahaha. But with Forex being 24/7...haha.

PS: While I am enjoying my Forex trades, my SOL calls aren't doing so hot. They're Feb calls so I think I'm going to hold them until beginning to mid-Feb. It's held up okay in this crazy market, right around support while a lot of things are plummeting. But, I should've gotten out when it broke 4.60, I just hate the commission fees and the day trading rules (I don't have enough money to counteract those). In the forex market, I don't have to worry about those rules. I can trade in and out all I want. I love it, because even when I leave a trade on overnight, I know that if I wanted to I could jump in and out as much I wanted. Relieves part of the anxiety.