Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stock Contest Update

I wrote a lot below, hope that didn't deter you from joining the contest. Here is the jist of it:

- The contest is free.
- The more people, the better the prizes (see below for the list of prizes).
- We'll be using Wall Street Survivor's group contest thingy.
- I'm thinking Feburary 2nd will be a good day to start. I'll post registration info on that day.

Here's who has signed up so far:
  • Rob
  • fiandola
  • Charlie G (sorry if I misinterpreted your comment)
  • Flip
  • Chuck

Including me, that's 6 people, meaning we'll definitely have a contest for the book and if we get four more people we'll have some money prizes.

If you'd like to compete (and I think there's a good distribution of the prize money) then please leave a message below. Any ideas are welcomed.

PS: Many thanks to Trader-X. Not only does he publish a kick ass blog, but he's sent quite a bit of traffic. If we do make the 10 people, remember to thank him for the traffic. I'd also like to thank Rob for, not only his promotion of the contest (which is much appreciated), but for being the first to sign up.

Thank you.


Charlie G. said...

CP, I'm in, and I'm glad we're starting Feb. 2nd. I'm taking a week or so off of trading to get some other stuff done, but I can hit the ground running with the contest. I will make a note on my blog about the contest too!

Complacent Panda said...

I'm getting excited and am glad you can join. Seems like we're going to have an interesting group!

Afonso said...

Count me in too! It seems very interesting. Let the Games begin!

Dinosaur Trader said...


How does it work? We pick a stock and go with it? Or is it more active than that? The problem I would have is that I'm already very active during the day, might be hard to do much else.


Attitude Trader said...

Hey CP,

Thanks for the invite, but I'm not as sharp as most of you guys...I don't trade stocks - only index futures (I'm assuming it's stocks only, right?).

In any case I've put a plug and link at the top of my blog for your contest.

Looks like fun!


Attitude Trader said...

Oh, I also meant to say...

That freakin' fire throwing panda cracks me up every time I see it.


Complacent Panda said...

Afonso, you'll be added to the list next time it's updated.

DT, yeah, it'd likely be more active than that. WallStSuvivor requires 20 trades before considering a player "registered." I understand the conflicts...

AT, glad you enjoy the flame throwing panda =) As for the contest, thanks for linking it. I know it's not the same thing, but maybe an index ETF (SPY, DIA, QQQQ) would work for you during the game.

Take care.

Rob said...

Hi CP,

I think Patty wanted to join too.