Monday, February 2, 2009

After the First Day--

Here are the results of the first day of trading. Looks like everyone is managing their risk well. If you haven't put in a trade yet, you won't be listed above. I tried to get a trade in, but am suffering a head cold and had obligations to get to throughout the day. I feel like a terrible contest host! But I am still here.

Congratulations to Rob of Stock Insight. He's kicking all your butts (including mine) right now! Remember this is a competition! AND that I like exclamation marks!

Let's get some good trades in before the benefits of his surgery fully kick in*.

Everyone, take care.


Rob said...

LOL...Thanks CP. I think things might end up different today. I started out on fire, but now have gone cold.....


Complacent Panda said...

Haha =) Well, you're still on top. Wish I could've traded today, but was way too sick. Tried school, but ended up leaving early and sleeping most of the day, trying to fight this cold.

Hope your surgery has reduced the migraines.