Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Short Hiatus

I love that word. Hiatus. It makes me sound all intellectual and sophisticated, even a bit artistic.

It's what I am going on. I need a short break, a defined one week break in order to put things back together.

I got an offer from one of my brother's friends to manage his IB account, which is just $5k short of $25 (he lost $8k using 4x the margin for each one of his trades). I'm excited. I get 10% and can put some money into the account myself. I don't have much, but if I skimp here and there I might be able to muster together a few bucks.

I also need to get some things together at school. I did get guaranteed admission to UC Berkeley, whenever I want to go. Yes, like this Fall or next Spring or the following Fall. Whenever. I'm somewhat stoked, but stressed out too.

Which is why I need a break. And a defined one so that I don't spend all my time feeling guilty that I haven't updated. Now I can feel guilty when I think about updating: "You should be focusing on other things right now," is what I'll say.

The contest is still running. Check out this post for the signup info, and this post for a list of the prizes.

Website, take care. I'll be back in a week.


Attitude Trader said...

Have a good break.


Flip said...

Have a good Break Panda and good luck with the IB account!

Dinosaur Trader said...

I took off all of last March. Great idea.

Of course, it means you're a communist, but that's somewhat obvious since you'll be going to Berkeley.



Complacent Panda said...


I do shave*, however. And no surfing; I live in SoCal too. Gotta flee because the reds (conservatives, not commies) are surrounding me.

I'm going to be moving up on the druggies scale too. From prozac to marijuana and LSD. Don't let anyone tell you that prozac and xanax aren't gateway drugs. They're just trying to get your money.

*Okay, sometimes I get lazy...and sometimes that may be a month at a time...

Mark Perkins said...

is it to late to get in the stock contest?

Complacent Panda said...

Nope, never too late (well, you should be in the contest at least one last day will probably be Feb 27). Of course, if you get in early, you'll have more time to develop your cash.

Good luck!

Charlie G. said...

Miss ya CP, I knew you were a California druggie! With meth, no breaks needed, remember.

Complacent Panda said...

Haha Charlie. No breaks and plenty of creativity (LSD, you know) for ingenious trades. And plenty of calm (opiates) for getting in and getting out at exactly the right time! Hehe...I wish it would work that way.