Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes - Subsidize Me

Been out most of the day. Got a new book, though: The Coming Generational Storm. Talk about a bleak looking 2030 for a good portion of the baby boomers. Hopefully I'll be on a beach somewhere drinking a martini. Otherwise, I'll probably be making a shitty wage in the nursing business.


Charlie G. said...

Happy New Year, CP!

I did follow buyonthedip on twitter by the way, right after I signed up to follow you. btw, the links on the middle column look better now, I was going to mention that to you but you fixed it yourself.

Complacent Panda said...

Happy New Year to you too Charlie G. Thank you, hope things go well next year! (Still 08 here).

Yeah, the links were a little difficult to read. Hahaha. I'm falling a little behind on the site (at least behind where I'd like to be), but pushing myself forward.

Next year looks to be good! (maybe not for the economy, but it should be better than 08 for me =))

Hope you do well; take care.