Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coming Back to Life

Yesterday was not a terrible day. The markets stopped vomiting on my carpet. And it apologized for urinating all over the bathroom. Perhaps it will even help to clean up its mess before it heads off on another drunken fall.

In terms of stocks, I still like SOL, EGLE and INTC (up on IBM earnings). SOL is coming back to life. up 12% in the premarket. EGLE supposedly has a contract with shareholders to provide a consistent dividend. Right now that dividend is 20%+. While I do not own any EGLE, I'd purchase some if I had the money. I do own SOL--and if I had the money I would purchase more, especially while the Capitalist God himself has lost faith in the markets.

Oh, and futures point up. Though, I would be wary as the short selling ban on financials has been lifted.

God Am by Alice in Chains. Layne Staley's last show. Favorite line: "World dies, I still pay taxes."

Take care.

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MatchPointTrader said...

Hola CP,
There are so many attractive stocks right now in this market. But, I can't buy either as I am just trying to save my remaining skin. At least sol is finding some support, so that's a bit of a solace for us. I really hope the market gets some hangover and comes to its senses instead of another big fall. But it does look like its headed below 9000. This is really bad. Anyways, good luck with your position and hope you make some good profit.