Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Records Now Set for Volume as Well

In an article titled "Dow's Worst Week Comes to an End," Peter A. McKay states that Trading activity was feverish [on October 10th]. New York Stock Exchange composite volume hit 11.6 billion shares, a new record. Nasdaq trading also hit a record, as 4.18 billion shares changed hands. (link: Wall Street Journal)

While not all charts show strong increases in volume, there are quite a few that do: INTC, DIA, SPY, A, XOM, GE, MSFT, WMT, PG, JNJ, T, HPQ, KO, CSCO, PFE, PM, VZ, SLB, QCOM. Trading Goddess has some stocks listed with volume and price increases, as well. Looks like some opportunities are starting to emerge from the gloom and doom.

And while there's no guarantee that the free fall has found an intermediate bottom, the percentage of NYSE stocks above their 50 and 150 day moving averages is starting to rebound, albeit very slowly:

I'm sure there were some other things I was going to post, but that will have to wait until another time. Right now, some Smashing Pumpkins:

The above is for personal enlightenment only. I do not recommend "playing" the stock market to anyone, because I would like to keep (out of court, and) all the wealth to myself! MUHAHAHA....


Trading Goddess said...

Thank you for the mention. It is appreciated! :)

And so... if we are off to a bull, will you be changing your name? No longer just complacent?

MatchPointTrader said...

Lol! CP, I hope my nyx shares get a bit more value because of this volume - but, i can't be too optimistic about nyx!

Complacent Panda said...


I love your site. Very informative and encouraging. As for what will happen during a bull market...hmmm.

I think the panda becomes complacent during a bull market (he stops working hard at being a bear and just eats bamboo). So he is mostly just complacent, but is willing to go either way, because he loves greens all the same. =)


Looks like NYX gained a ridiculous amount today. Good luck with staying out of the deep red!

MatchPointTrader said...

Thanks CP. Looks like there was some short squeeze as well for nyx. Hope it holds up.