Sunday, October 12, 2008

God Hugging Us Closer

I found this nifty link while searching through the other day. It provides you with a list of NYSE stocks that currently show buy signals on their point and figure chart. Basically, it is the list that is used for the NYSE Bullish Percent Index (they divide the number of stocks with buy signals by the number of stocks on the exchange); but, it is also useful as a stock screener.

Because my grandpa is suffering from a fairly severe medicinal side effect, I won't be posting much else today. But a little humor never hurts:

South Park on the simple economics of WalMart


MatchPointTrader said...

Thanks much for the link. This will be a handy at times.
Hey, I hope your grandpa gets better. My best wishes to him! Hope sol recovers quickly too. Take care.

Complacent Panda said...

You're welcome. I love point and figure charts.

My grandpa is doing much better. He had a severe reaction to vicodin and some other pain killers he was given to treat bruising he had from a fall last week. He became very confused and began hallucinating. He did not know where he was and started saying all sorts of crazy things. The effects have started to wear off. We're just glad it wasn't a stroke.

Looks like sol is coming back as well.

MatchPointTrader said...

Hey CP, Glad to know that your grandpa is doing better. Vicodin has its effects. I had got my three wisdom teeth removed last year and I was on vicodins for 4-5 days - it can get interesting. They also gave me laughing gas before operation and I know I said some embarrassing stuff as I was having delusions with all that effect. I was really feisty. Anyways, I hope your grandpa gets healthier soon.
Yeah, sol is looking good! Good luck and hope you make some solid gains today.