Monday, October 13, 2008

Grammar? Who needs the stuff...

Now, I know grammar jokes are only funny to a few, and that the joke must be especially clever to elicit laughter. But, for me, I enjoy even the poorly done. Yesterday, during some free time I began reading through various blogs on the internet and came across a stock blog called The Float. Among his intelligent posts and numerous article links, he posts comics on a regular basis. And while I find some of them somewhat formulaic, I did come across this New Yorker comic (left) that reminded me of my love for grammar (even if I do not always succeed in using it properly).

This reminded me of a brilliant birthday card I got my brother a year or two ago. Here are the pictures, outside and inside.

And given that this is a blog about stocks and not a blog on the nuances of the English language, I figured I would post a comic that while not directly relating to the market, reminded me of its most recent plunge and current rebound into the green:

I have to go to school.

PS: 100th post! Hope someone out there has somewhat enjoyed the posts. If not, I have. And it probably won't stop soon.


MatchPointTrader said...

Grammar\spellings are not my forte but I really loved those jokes. Nice to laugh on a green day :). Congrats for the century. Keep the posts coming!

Complacent Panda said...

Thank you.