Wednesday, September 17, 2008 stocks.

Oh, you laugh. HAHAHA. The workers are just in a mental recession--that's it! Thank god. I thought that gas prices had spiked, that inflation has been on the rise, that housing prices have been dropping, that the market has fallen into bear territory, that food/medicine/school costs more. I'm just dreaming things up. BSC/FNM/FRE/AIG/MER/LEH never happened! It's all a figment of our imagination. The only reason we hear that things are bad is because politicians want to make it seem like they care. Oh. It's obvious that the media has been lagging on the good news. MISERY SELLS NEWS! Let's keep pumping it out. I'm glad no one has been calling bottoms. No one has been focusing on the silver lining. Everyone thinks the market is just going to enter a black hole. I'm glad the media didn't pursue that perception back in June...

We whine about competition. Shit, WE HAVE A FREE MARKET! No? Forget all the banking bailouts, and any other bailouts in the past. Forget the goodies that WalMart gets. WE ARE AMERICA. THAT MEANS WE ARE CAPITALISM (ie COMPETITION). George Bush's and John Kerry's grade were amazing in school! Yale couldn't offer this country any two who were better. We're just whining about the competition. Suck it up. There are no legacy students with inflated grades. And it definitely does not matter that women were not part of the grade pool at the time of Bush and Kerry's attendance. No, doesn't matter. Wouldn't have changed a thing...

Whine, whine, whine. It's all in your head you stupid Americans!

Oh well. I think I'm going to sell half of all my positions tomorrow. I want to cut down on my risk a little--which will probably mean that the markets will rally very sweetly.

Good trading. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, you Americans are very stupid to have Bush and Kerry as candidates out of million of people. And guess what!!! the "God fearing people" of America elected Bush because he's smarter than them. Bush had successfully fooled lot of them with stupid slogans, such as "conservative values", "Christian values", and lot of other B*ll Sh*t values. He went to Yale but can barely speak proper English. I agree with you about the part of whining. They got what they voted for. Now they have to reap what they sow. Why do you want to sell your stock? Do you fear that its value will tank just like the rest of the so called "values" of the current Republican administration?

Complacent Panda said...

Nah, that wasn't really connected. I was just feeling some pain these last few days. The above post clears things up a little bit. With the ban on naked short selling and with the NYSE Bullish Percent Index nearing 30%, I think I can hold on.

I do get riled up about Bush and Kerry though, especially when people point out Bush's college record without pointing out the oppositions. They were both bad choices.

The whining part was mostly me mocking the guy. I'm going to say we're definitely in an economically tumultuous time. It's definitely not just in our minds.