Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Free Trades at Zecco

I have been signing into my unfunded Zecco account recently. I submitted another option application on Monday and figure maybe someone forgot to tell me they updated my access level. That hasn't happened. But, I did stumble upon something that must be nice for those with accounts above $25k: commission-free trades during the month of October for stocks and options. That could add up, at least for the options trades.

Then again, with sogo, trades cost 1.50 on the premium plan. If you are trading 25k, you probably wouldn't notice that...

PS: I broke even today (well, up ~$4). I'm somewhat frustrated about it because there were times when all four of my stocks were up enough to make me want to sell them. But, alas, nanny-state day trading rules. I'm going to have to hit up my grandparents for some cash. They'll understand...

Good trading. Take care.

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