Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some Sunday Night Snacks

Bailout is progressing. Both sides of the aisle are asking for certain considerations. Will fear drive Congress to make concessions?

The Federal Reserve will allow Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to become full-fledged banks, expanding their reach into the financial world. Will this boost their stock prices?

The Asian Stock Market rose with the U.S. short selling ban and the news of a bailout plan. Does this signal a surge in tomorrow's U.S. markets?

Sydney, Australia has jumped on the short selling bandwagon. U.S., U.K., Australia--who next? and will they outdo Pakistan?

I plan on selling into the open if there is a gap up. I'll buy back some of the positions before I take off for school. I also want to short certain stocks should there be a gap up. PCH @ 51+; RIMM @ 110+; HPQ @ 48/49+. At least, those are the few I have my sights on right now.

Good trading! Take care!

The above is not advice. It is merely a log of my plans, ideas, and executions. Make your own mistakes; do your own homework; take responsibility.

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